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Parodi Design's FAQ on Italian Modular Charms and Charm Bracelets

Italian Modular Charms are all the rage but you may ask yourself how do they work, what are they made of and what size do I need.

How They Work?

Italian Modular Charms are a very simple concept.  The charms have a small spring inside of their stainless steel case that keeps the top portion closed.  When the charms are linked together and pulled, the spring contracts.  If you look at the animation on the left side, it demonstrates the proper technique for inserting an Italian Modular charm on to your bracelet.  It may take some practice the first time but once you do it, it will be come second nature.

What are Italian Charms Made Of?

Italian Modular Charm bases are all made exactly the same.  Only the size, finish and the brand stamped on the back is different.  There are different sizes but we carry the most popular medium sized one.  All Italian Modular charms that are medium (9mm) sized are interchangeable with all other medium charms.  There are a few basic finishes found on Italian Charms.  We use a matte finished charm for all of our custom designed laser charms.  These give you the most contrast between what is engraved on the charm and the stainless steel base of the charm.  And we need to add a word about gold charms.  Most charms that indicate that they are gold are only gold plated or gold colored.  Very few charms any where are actually 14 or 18 karat solid gold.

How does your laser process work?

Our laser process actually changes the molecular structure of the stainless steel and the engraving will never rub off or scratch.  You will have to destroy the base of the charm to remove our laser engraving.  The nice thing about the laser engraved charm is it will never snag your clothes and is smooth to the touch. 

How are the Photo Charms Made?

Our photo charms are custom made for us and have a soldered on disk that will protect the edges of the photo.  The photo is printed on high quality photo paper that is water proof and the picture is then coated with a layer of hard enamel that when heated and cured is very hard and is resistant to UV, water and chemicals.  We produce all of these charms and therefore can guarantee the charms will be very high quality and meet or exceed your expectations. 

How to send us the Photo?

You can click here to be taken to our upload form where you can upload your photo to our server.  You can always email us the photo at or you can mail it to us.  Any photo mailed to us will be returned in the same condition as received.  The photo will be scanned and will then be mailed back when the charm is mailed out.

Sizing of Your Italian Charm Bracelet

  • Measure around your wrist and determine where you wish the bracelet to fit.  It can be either loose or snug depending on your preference.
  • If your wrist is 6 1/4" you will need at least 16 links.
  • If your wrist is 6 1/2" you will need at least 17 links.
  • If your wrist is 7" you will need at least 18 links.
  • If your wrist is 7 1/4" you will need at least 19 links.
  • If your wrist is 7 3/4" you will need at least 20 links.
  • If your wrist is 8" you will need at least 21 links.
  • The bracelets will expand to go over your hand and are very easy to take on and off.  They are very similar to an expandable watch band.
  • Click here to look at our Italian Charm Starter Bracelets.


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